Habitat For Humanity – Matt’s Volunteer Work

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For 9 years, 2003-2011, Matt donated a week of his time and tools, and traveled to Tutwiler, in Talahattchi County Mississipi – one of the poorest areas in the United States.  Matt’s volunteer group is one of the very few working with a Habitat coordinator in Tutwiler, MS to completely construct a home from the ground all the way up to a shingled roof in just one week.  He’s the only General Contractor on location to coordinate, teach, monitor and construct a home for a family in need.

Initially, 10 years ago, he went with a friend from La Cañada Presbyterian Church (who donates the cost of building the structure and pays for 20 high schoolers to come with chaperones).  Since then, Matt has joined the same group for 9 years now, where he’s led them in teamwork to construct 1 structure each year; a dorm 1 year (where student volunteers stay together) and 8 houses, and has cherished every moment.

Working together with several generations – from a freshman high school student to a 65 year old lawyer, and with locals too, sure opens up everyone’s hearts.  Strip away material possessions and lifestyle comforts back at home, and you realize how similar we all are, human beings wanting to help each other.  Locals drive by and honk in support, offer home cooked meals and even come out to the site to swing hammers with the teen-age crew.

Matt’s dedication to his craft is apparent, and his work with fellow volunteers will change a life. Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer-driven organization who partners with local families to support in the building process of homes for families in need who repay the mortgage.